Bosch 11536VSR Litheon 36-Volt Lithium-Ion 1-Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

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Bosch 11536VSR Litheon 36-Volt Lithium-Ion 1-Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

Bosch 11536VSR Litheon 36-Volt Lithium-Ion 1-Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

  • Powerful 36-Volt cordless rotary hammer with 2 Litheon batteries
  • 3-mode selector lets you choose rotation only, rotary hammer and hammer only settings
  • Vario-Lock positioning rotates and locks chisel into 36 different positions; integral clutch helps minimize torque reaction
  • Includes 360-Degree handle, carrying case, 1-hour charger, depth gauge, 2 Litheon batteries
  • 15-Inch long and weighs 9-3/5-Pound; 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Corded power without the cord! Using Litheon battery technology Bosch’s newest rotary hammer packs the greatest power to weight ratio of any cordless around. Uses SDS-plus bit system with tool-free bit changes. Litheon Fast Charger charges 36V batteries to 80% power in 30 minutes. 3 modes: rotary, rotary hammer and hammer only. Includes: Rotary hammer, 2 batteries, charger, aux. handle, depth gauge and carry case. Impact energy: 2.2 ft. lbs. Max bit size 1″, Length: 15″ Weight: 9.6 lbs.Featuring Bosch’s tough, Bulldog engineering and the Litheon 36-volt power system, the 11536VSR 1-Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer drills faster than its competitors, both corded and cordless, which means you get jobs done more efficiently. Lightweight, long-lasting Litheon batteries allow this versatile tool to combine the flexibility of cordless design with the power needed to tackle the big jobs that used to require bulkier, corded models.

The Bosch 11536VSR 1-Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer includes:
  • Auxiliary side handle
  • Depth gauge
  • One-hour charger
  • Two Litheon batteries
  • Carrying case

Bulldog engineering ensures accurate impact transmission. View larger.
View Tour of Litheon Power Technology.

Features include Bosch’s trademarked Vario-Lock Positioning, which locks the chisel into 36 different positions. View larger.

Advanced, 36-volt Litheon batteries provide reliable power. View larger.

Bulldog Engineering for Precise, Dependable Performance
The 11536VSR’s new pneumatic impact mechanism is the strongest impact mechanism available in a cordless rotary hammer. Featuring improved guidance of the striker, striking pin, and tool, the rotary hammer’s design ensures accurate impact transmission without loss of energy, so your work gets done as efficiently and accurately as possible.

This translates to drilling that’s as fast as 7.1 inches per minute–up to 50 percent faster than other cordless rotary hammers.

2.2 Ft.lbs. of Impact Energy for Versatile Performance
The powerful 11536VSR is capable of delivering up to 2.2 ft.lbs. of impact energy for use in a wide variety of situations. Its integral clutch helps minimize unwanted torque reactions for improved control, while a variable-speed trigger keeps you in command of the tool’s performance.

The SDS-Plus bit system lets you seat bits quickly and securely, and for job-specific performance, the clearly marked selector lets you choose rotation only, rotary hammer, or hammer only mode. Trademarked Vario-Lock Positioning rotates and locks the chisel into 36 different positions.

The 11536VSR offers from zero to 4,260 BPM (no-load) and from zero to 960 RPM (no-load), and it features a one-inch maximum capacity in concrete, 1/2-inch maximum capacity in metal, and 1-1/4-inch maximum capacity in wood.

Litheon Power: Innovative, Lightweight, and Long-lasting
Thanks to advanced Litheon battery power, the 11536VSR is able to deliver performance equal to that of bulkier corded tools without the hassle. Advanced Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) technology safeguards against overload, overheating, and deep discharge to ensure a long battery life, even under high load conditions.

Designed specifically to handle higher voltages, Litheon 36-volt lithium-ion batteries don’t suffer from the memory effect or inconvenient self discharge, and they save you money by offering an overall cycle life that’s up to five-times longer than that of competing lithium-ion batteries.

Two batteries and a one-hour charger are included with this rotary hammer, so you never have to stop work to recharge. Each 36-volt battery can be charged to 80 percent of its capacity in just 25 minutes.

The 11536VSR rotary hammer measures 15 inches long and weighs just 9.6 pounds.

ProVantage Guarantee
The 11536VSR comes with the ProVantage three-year protection plan, which guarantees two years of battery protection and one year of tool protection. Under this plan, you can receive two years of free battery replacements, tool replacement for one year, and a free tool repair package for the second and third years.

What’s in the Box
Bosch 11536VSR Litheon 36-Volt SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer, auxiliary side handle, depth gauge, one-hour charger, two Litheon batteries, and carrying case.

The powerful, innovative 11536VSR drills up to 50 percent faster than other cordless rotary hammers.

List Price: $ 649.99

Price: $ 649.99

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