DEWALT DCB1800B Portable Power Station

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DEWALT DCB1800B Portable Power Station

DEWALT DCB1800B Portable Power Station

  • Flexible – the power of corded. The freedom of cordless.
  • 1800 watt Portable power Station
  • 4 port parallel charger
  • Four 20V MAX* batteries in, 15 amps out (batteries sold separately)
  • Take cordless power anywhere

The DEWALT DCB1800B flexible portable power station is designed as a 4 port parallel charger. This 1800 watt portable power station operates with four 20V MAX* batteries in, 15 amps out. (Batteries sold separately). Take cordless power anywhere! Specifications: MAX AC output 3600 watts / rated AC output 1800 watts. MAX current (120V/240V) 30 amps / rated current (120V/240V) 15 amps. Required Number of batteries – (4) 20V batteries. Indicator lights: inverter and charger, operation and fault, low battery.

List Price: $ 419.00

Price: $ 419.00

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  1. 83 of 83 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars Great device, be aware of its limitations, July 9, 2017
    John Lloyd (Southwest Utah, USA) -
    This review is from: DEWALT DCB1800B Portable Power Station (Tools & Home Improvement)
    I purchased mine from ToolNut because I had a coupon. This is a great tool for those who have invested in DeWALT 20V and 60V FlexVolt tools and batteries. If you’re contemplating buying the unit and the necessary batteries just to get the 120 VAC capability, not so great, as there are much more cost-effective ways to get 120 VAC from a battery. It’s a 5-star product, just be aware of its limitations.
    • Construction is solid and build quality is good. The roll cage handles should protect it pretty well on a construction site, and they keep the bottom of the unit about an inch off the ground, away from surface water or mud. It’s easy to carry using the front handle for one-hand or the two side handles for two hands. The unit with 4 x 9AH batteries (the heaviest configuration possible) weighs in at 29 pounds.
    • You must have all four batteries installed in order to use the 120VAC-out function. The length of time the inverter can provide AC is limited by the lowest capacity or weakest installed battery. As a test, I powered a full-size household refrigerator/freezer with the inverter, using 4 fully-charged DCB609 (9AH) batteries. Be aware that these are the largest batteries presently available, and represent about $500 (street-price) battery cost. This test used our secondary fridge, in our garage, and the temperature in the garage was in the high 90s at the time of the test. This is a severe test, as this refrigerator’s compressor runs nearly full-time in these conditions, and it is an older, less-efficient fridge. The unit powered the fridge for just over 3 hours before the low voltage alarm began chirping, and another 15 minutes before it shut itself off. If you’re using smaller capacity batteries, runtime in this situation would be substantially less. It took the unit about 5 hours to recharge these same 9AH batteries after this test.
    • This device is a great way to get an important 120 VAC tool or device, such as a sump pump, back online quickly during a power outage, especially at night or in bad weather, until the power comes back on or you get your generator fired up. It’s great for 120V intermittent-use corded power tools such as saws or drills or air compressors that draw current only when you’re actually sawing or drilling or pumping up the compressor tank.
    • The unit easily starts a pancake compressor that my Honda EU2000i generator has trouble starting. I suspect there is a pretty good-sized power capacitor in there to allow the unit to handle up to 3600 watt temporary starting loads. There is a small blower fan that comes on intermittently and draws air through the unit when it is producing AC.
    • The charger puts out only 2A for each individual battery. You’re better off using a separate high-amp DCB118 (8 amp) or DCB115 (4 amp) charger if you need to quickly charge one of the larger batteries. The benefit of the DCB1800 is that you can keep 4 batteries all charged up and ready.
    • The 120VAC output is a modified sine-wave, not a true sine wave. I personally wouldn’t use it to power a computer or other expensive electronic equipment
    • The AC out function is sensitive to the temperature of the batteries. I think that the higher capacity batteries must have internal thermometers with heat shut-off switches. If you charge a large battery using a DCB115 or DCB118 charger, it may be necessary for that battery to cool down before the AC-out will function using that battery. The front LED under the battery shows flashing yellow in overtemp situations.
    • Features I wish DeWALT had included are a 12V cigarette-lighter type socket and a couple USB charge ports. It shouldn’t have been all that much trouble to add these and I’m actually disappointed and a little surprised they aren’t there. For example, a 12V socket would be perfect for powering a small thermoelectric cooler on a jobsite or camping trip and, of course, USB ports for your phones & gadgets.
    John Lloyd2018-01-31 13:57 Reply
  2. 53 of 54 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars Really great tool, April 10, 2017
    K. Song -
    (REAL NAME)   
    Verified Purchase(What's this?)
    This review is from: DEWALT DCB1800B Portable Power Station (Tools & Home Improvement)
    First of all, unlike most other reviewers, I am just a regular homeowner.
    Some people might think this has no use for homeowners... But actually, at least for me, this is a great tool.

    The biggest problem I have with my house is the sump pump.
    Every once in a while, power goes out. That usually happens when there is a hurricane or something.
    When that happens, I have to bring out my generator in the rain. If that is during the night, oh well...

    And sometimes, my generator does not start.
    When I experienced that in the rain, at 3am, and the water pit was about to overflow, it felt really AMAZING. I could do nothing but laugh.
    (My whole family had to take out the water using buckets)

    Then, I heard Dewalt released this.
    I use Dewalt tools, so I have couple batteries, so I could just buy a bare tool.

    So far, I really like it.
    I haven't tested until it died, but with my 2 6Ah and 2 4Ah batteries, it ran my sump pump for few hours.

    Now, I don't have to go out and fight with my generator in the rain.
    I can just use this as a 4 battery parallel charger, and use when the power goes out. Really convenient.

    Initial price with batteries would be bit steep, but I think it's worth.
    This has something for everybody.
    K. Song2018-01-31 14:21 Reply
  3. 86 of 95 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars Amazed!!, December 10, 2016
    Verified Purchase(What's this?)
    This review is from: DEWALT DCB1800B Portable Power Station (Tools & Home Improvement)
    I didn't know if I was making a wrong decision by investing in this but let me explain the results.
    I own my construction company and we do a lot of seamless gutters. To many times I have gone out to an older home to find no outlet on the outside of the home. Instead of packing a generator everywhere I go, I thought this might just work. WOW, we spit out over 300 ft and then used our corded miter saw to cut our downspouts! After the job was done, I had two lights left on all my batteries. I used the flexvolt 6 amp, 4 of them. Not only did it run my 5 and 6in combo machine and miter saw, I was so shocked of how much juice was left! MUST BUY!
    Well worth the money!!
    Amazon Customer2018-01-31 14:21 Reply