CURT 57202 Connector Socket Bracket Mount

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CURT 57202 Connector Socket Bracket Mount

CURT 57202 Connector Socket Bracket Mount

  • Long, universal clamp-on mount for 7-way socket brackets
  • Compatible with 7-way round and 7-way RV blade sockets
  • Universal, clamp-on design eliminates the need for drilling
  • Worm gear clamp securely mounts bracket on vehicle or trailer hitch
  • High-strength steel will not crack or bend

CURT electrical connector brackets provide a simple solution for mounting wiring to your trailer hitch or the rear of your vehicle. Connector wires can be a nuisance when they are just lying around. They can get tangled up with cargo and even damaged. An electrical connector left to hang off the back end of your vehicle is an even greater hazard.Secure, protect and optimize the use of your electrical connector by mounting it with a CURT connector bracket. This trailer wire connector bracket is designed to be a universal, clamp-on mount for a 7-way socket. It features sturdy steel construction and comes with an adjustable worm gear hose clamp for quick, no-drill installation on your vehicle or trailer hitch.When it comes to plugging in your trailer lights, it pays not to skimp out. CURT electrical is the smart way to ensure that your trailer lights and electrical systems are prepared for the road ahead. Keep the power flowing, no matter where your adventures take you, with quality electrical products from CURT.

List Price: $ 21.02

Price: $ 12.54

Hitachi 331065 12V Peak Li-Ion Battery, Post Type

Hitachi 331065 12V Peak Li-Ion Battery, Post Type

  • 12 volt Max
  • Li-ion, Post, 1.5ah
  • Li-Ion Battery

The 12-Volt Li-Ion Battery BCL1015is a 1.5 Ah Li-Ion battery. Great for all your needs, Backed by a warranty

List Price: $ 69.97

Price: $ 28.50

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