VonHaus Corded 6.2A 1/2 Inch Hammer Drill with 9pc Drill Bit Set and Power Tool Carry Case

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VonHaus Corded 6.2A 1/2 Inch Hammer Drill with 9pc Drill Bit Set and Power Tool Carry Case

VonHaus Corded 6.2A 1/2 Inch Hammer Drill with 9pc Drill Bit Set and Power Tool Carry Case

  • 6.5A 1/2-inch Hammer Drill with 9pc Drill Bit Set
  • Alternating Rotary / Hammer Functions
  • Forward and Reverse facility with variable speed control
  • No load speed of 0-2800/min
  • Depth gauge for accurate, pinpoint drilling

The VonHaus Rotary Hammer Drill is a versatile machine capable of taking on a wide range of materials.

With a strong 0.51in chuck capacity, the drill can reach depths of up to 0.62in in stone, 0.47 in steel and 1.25in in wood, with a depth gauge to ensure accurate drilling.

Fitted with a 6.5ft power cord, the drill offers you a freedom similar to that of a cordless drill but with the benefit of an endless power supply.

Whether you’re using the drill on workable materials or tougher materials, it can adapt to both situations. Boasting all the conventional uses and function of a regular rotary drill, but with an added use that opens it up to a much wider-range of tasks. Built in is a hammer action that the drill can be switched to when facing more heavy-duty jobs. The hammer function works by applying short, sharp blows during the drilling motion, so as to drive through the material without cracking it or breaking the drill-bit.

Ensuring your work is as accurate as possible is crucial when undertaking construction work and this has been taken in to account when it comes to the VonHaus Hammerdrill. There is an auxiliary side handle installed to provide you with added comfort and control that helps you guide exactly where you want the drill-bit to go. This is further assisted by the built-in depth gauge which allows you to determine exactly how deep the bit should go to complete the task.

With this drill you are also able to determine both the speed and direction the drill-bit moves. The trigger is touch sensitive and reacts to the amount of pressure placed on it, rotating the drill-bit faster when placed under more pressure. Equally useful is the reverse function which allows you to unscrew bolts in an instant, making the dismantling of units a near effortless task.

Blow-mould protective case and with a 9 piece drill-bit set included.

List Price: $ 79.99

Price: $ 44.99

Overhead Drill Machine [ODMG2] Hammer Drill from the floor!

Overhead Drill Machine [ODMG2] Hammer Drill from the floor!

The Overhead Drill Machine is the ultimate all-in-one extension tool for overhead drilling applications. The universal saddle fits most “D” handle rotary hammer drills on the market. The ODM is the most efficient and effective tool of its kind. Use it to install anchor wedges, eye pins, eye wedge anchors as well as a variety of other anchors safely from the ground. The ODM Telescoping Overhead Drill Machine can be used for Concrete Ceilings up to 13′. Simply Step on the foot trigger to extend the pole upwards and trigger the drill. Some Assembly required, Start drilling in 15 minutes! Don’t hassle with moving a ladder or a lift hundreds of time. You hardly will have to stop drilling with the Over Head Drill Machine. Includes: Triple telescoping aluminum pole Universal welded aluminum rotary hammer saddle Foot pedal to take the load off your arms and back. Product specs: Universal saddle fits most “D” handle rotary hammer drills including: Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee & Bosh Bulldog Perfect for applications that are unfit for scissor lifts. Such as in between pre-installed ceiling grid, pipes and cables or above stairs. Improves safety by keeping your employees on the ground Consists of three sections and is recommended for ceilings up to 13′ Black anodized aircraft quality aluminum Hands free trigger system allows you to grip the pole with both hands increasing stability and safety The ODM’s ceiling probe design automatically turns your rotary hammer on and off when upward pressure is applied and removed Make fine height adjustments in increments as small as 1″ Use the removable ODM Pedal to make drilling easier on your arms and back, perfect for big jobs. Made in the USA

List Price: $ 399.95

Price: $ 399.95

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