Metabo MAG 28 LTX 25.2-Volt Cordless Magnetic Drill Press

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Metabo MAG 28 LTX 25.2-Volt Cordless Magnetic Drill Press

Metabo MAG 28 LTX 25.2-Volt Cordless Magnetic Drill Press

  • Portable 25.2V 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Permanent rare earth magnet independent from battery power
  • Two speed gear box
  • Fast changing battery with fuel gauge
  • V-base mounts to flat or curved surfaces

The new MAG 28 LTX utilizes a 25.2-Volt Li-Ion battery to power the tool. A permanent rare earth magnet, requiring no energy from the battery, allows the use of the mag drill in remote and previously inaccessible environments. The unique rare earth magnet offers up to 2,500-Pound of holding force, which can be adjusted for precise positioning when drilling on vertical, horizontal and sloped surfaces. The drill has a prism-shaped magnetic base that enables users to work on pipe as well, further increasing the flexibility of this drill throughout steel construction applications. This first-to-market cordless electromagnetic drill press can be used with annular cutters, spiral drills and countersinks, featuring a maximum drilling diameter of 1-1/4-Inch with an annular cutter and 1/2-Inch with a spiral drill. The tool offers a maximum drilling depth of 2-Inch . The tools magnetic stand has a maximum stroke of 6-5/16-Inch . The 2-speed tool boasts 380 or 680 no load revolutions per minute and is designed with a dual-level, permanently lubricated gearbox for speed and torque optimization. The MAG 28 LTX features electronic thermal overload protection and jam protection to help ensure the longevity of the 25.2-Volt motor. A safety cut-out protects the operators in the event a battery is inserted with the machine in the on position. An integrated gravity coolant container with through-the-spindle coolant feed is also included. The cordless tools 25.2-Volt, 3.0 Ah Li-Ion battery pack charges rapidly in a 15 minute charger. Metabos air-cooled charging technology cools the battery pack during charging to shorten the charging process by up to 30-Percent. In addition, the MAG 28 LTX is warranted for three-years under Metabos industry-leading XXL warranty. A Weldon 3/4 ” tool holder, ejector pin, chuck adaptor and geared chuck, chuck key, MT 2 drift key, safety strap, Allen key and two 25.2-Volt, 3.0 Ah Li-Ion battery packs come standard with Metabos MAG 28 LTX.

List Price: $ 1,448.36

Price: $ 1,448.36

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